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The Importance of Math

Although it may not seem like it, Math is an essential part of the present and the future. It is not being treated as such, however, as in California only about 40% of all students met or exceeded the Math standard of their grade level in 2019. Despite being one of the most academically advanced states in the country, a majority of students are still struggling with the highly applicable concept of Math. The real issue lies in the lowest-performing districts, though, as Math proficiency in these areas is as low as 14%. We must work together to increase these rates as it is vital for all of us to understand and use this crucial topic in our futures. By helping those who weren't able to receive our same benefits in the forms of schooling and environment, we will be able to help the country and world on the long run.

How Sports Help

Due to how it is taught, Math has often been seen as a challenging course for kids around the world. Considered a tedious subject by many, it seems that there very few students that are able to fully grasp the concept.  This is where Math-At-Play comes in. By using Sports-based worksheets, we are able to create the perfect blend of Sports and Math to make the once feared subject an enjoyable part of a kid's life. Our goal is to get students more excited about Math and thereby change the attitude towards Math.  We hope to inspire and be a part of teaching revolutions around the world that portray school subjects in more engaging ways through elementary/primary school such that children won't begin to dislike the subjects before entering much harder grades with more difficult topics.


"This is highly appreciated we will be including this into our curriculum asap."

"Wow! These are wonderful worksheets and CEP would be very proud to link to them on our website. We have many students who love sports and would find worksheets like these incredibly helpful."

"I loved your idea of creating these worksheets! I looked over the worksheets and will be using them for Backpack Tutoring and adding them to our website as an additional resource!


- Pashtana Durrani,

Founder and Executive Director of  LEARN | Afghan

- Beth Miller, 

Program Director at

Community Education Partnerships

- Yashavani Dhawan 

Vice Executive Chair at Backpack Tutoring


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